All grown up! :)

Facebook recently reminded me that it had been a year since this happened…


The apartment complex we were living in had a huge feral cat colony, and one day a little mama cat brought her 3 kittens to nurse on our patio. I put out some food and water for them, and they started visiting every day.


Being an animal rescuer, I just couldn’t let this go. So we caught and tamed the kittens and had mama spayed. What else could I do? :)


The black kitten went to live with one of my friends, and we kept the other two. My son named them Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi. They grew up to be big, awesome cats!

7 obi

Obi is shy but so, so sweet. He loves Lacy (our boxer) and follows us around all day “talking” to us. But as soon as we have people over, he goes and hides! :)


Luke is a big ham. He’s a snuggler. He has a bit of a naughty streak – he delights in slapping Lacy just because he can. But he’s so patient with my son, who loves to carry him around and often tends to be a bit too loud and too rough.

VK3 boys

The irony is that, shortly before we took these guys in, I wrote a scene for Ever After (which releases next month, finally! yay!) where Olivia traps and tames a feral kitten. I had NO idea I’d be doing the very same thing a few weeks later. The research I did for Ever After really came in handy! :)

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