It’s been a year…

One year ago today, I got an email from my lovely agent Sarah asking if she could call with happy news (the reason she didn’t call directly is that I was out of town dealing with a family emergency). I had just been offered a three book contract from Grand Central Publishing, my biggest dream come true!

A lot has happened this year. I’ve written the second and most of the third books in my Love to the Rescue series, and the release of Unleashed cover_low resUnleashed is only a few months away. Most of the time, it’s still very surreal. I’ve been writing for so long – twenty years if you count the very earliest melodramas my teenage brain cooked up :)

But my books have always been my own personal escape. I write because I love it, because my brain is always thinking up new plots and characters and demanding that I write them down. Now, I’ll be sharing them with the world, and that is both the most exciting – and terrifying – thing in the world.

And yes, still a total dream come true. I am counting down the days until October 28th when I can share Unleashed with you! Stay tuned though, because I’ll have an excerpt to share very soon.

Until then, Happy Reading and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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