Sharing some library love

CMPH8pbW8AAHcfTI’m a huge fan of my local library. I buy most of the books that I read nowadays, but there was a time when I borrowed almost all of my books from the library. And I still visit my local library several times a month to bring home new books for my son. I’m able to expose him to SO many more books than I could ever afford to buy him!

And so, it was super exciting for me when a friend sent me this picture of For Keeps proudly displayed on the shelves of the Boston Public Library. Thrilling because it’s the first time I’ve seen one of my books on a library shelf, and extra special since I used to live in Massachusetts and once frequented the Boston Public Library.

Also this week, a lovely reader emailed me to let me know she had submitted a request at her library to carry Ever After, and it was approved! This is awesome, and it prompted me to wonder: have you spotted my books on the shelf at your local library? And if not, did you know that many library systems allow you to request that they add a book to their catalog? It’s a great way for authors to reach new readers, and also a great way for you to gain access to new books! :)

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