What Does the Fox Say?


artwork by Jessica Lemmon (c) 2013

artwork by Jessica Lemmon (c) 2013


At least that’s what our five feisty, foxy authors are saying…

I can hear you now: “Giveaway! What do I do???”

I’m glad you asked. Here’s the skinny:

WHO am I talking about?

A group of five contemporary romance writers who write sexy, fun, sassy romance.

WHAT are you doing?

We’re taking turns blogging once a week about our books, life in general, oh, and we’ll be giving away our latest sexy reads!

WHY are you banding together?

It’s a great excuse to introduce our readers to other awesome authors.  We write sexy, sassy, fun, and heart-tugging contemporary romance so if you like one of us, chances are you’ll like us all.

HOW do I get involved?


  1. Go to the blog and bookmark in your favorites! (Better yet: subscribe with your email so you never miss a post)
  2. Click on the Giveaways tab and enter the current drawing
  3. Um. That’s it! I told you it was easy. ;)

GET ON OVER THERE! We’re not shy.