When Life Imitates Art…

When I was writing the third book in my Love to the Rescue series, Ever After, my heroine, Olivia, finds a tiny feral kitten. Being a die-hard animal lover, she attempts to capture and tame the kitten (and I’ll let you wait until the book comes out to find out how it goes for her LOL).

At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about feral cats, other than that there were some living around our apartment complex and that there was such a thing as “trap and release” to spay/neuter the adult cats to keep them from producing more kittens. So I did my research on taming a feral kitten – for Olivia’s sake, of course. And then several months later, this happened…


It’s a little hard to see because my phone focused on the window screen, but a little mama cat brought her three kittens to nurse on the cool cement of our patio. They were feral, completely wild, but after I put some food and water out for them, mama and I reached a little agreement. She’d bring them to my patio to eat, and I put out the food. After all my research on feral kittens for the book, I knew it was supposed to be pretty easy to tame kittens at this age (6-7 weeks), so we schemed and came up with a plan to catch them. And well, against all odds, it worked!


My six-year-old named them Anakin Skywalker (black), Luke Skywalker (orange) and Obi Wan Kenobi (tabby). It seemed a little hopeless at first. We got nothing but hissing and hiding. Luke, the orange one, even bit me when I first caught them. But two weeks later, they are completely tame! And Luke is the BIGGEST ham. He just can’t stop purring and loves to “help” me work on my laptop at night.

We already have a fifteen-year-old cat, and a boxer, so I told my son we could keep two kittens. He chose Luke and Obi. Anakin, who was the shyest, went home with one of my friends a few days ago. I think he will do well on his own. The other two more rambunctious kittens were overshadowing his personality. Now he will be the center of attention.

kittens31 kittens32

Our new kittens, Obi and Luke. Are they the cutest, or what?

As for mama, she still comes by the patio for food. I can’t keep feeding her. We’re moving in a few weeks for one thing. But I have her scheduled for a trap and release spay soon. So at least I can give her a better future where she doesn’t have to be a kitten factory. She did a good job with these boys though, and I’m glad we get the chance to give them a happy home!

And now, I have some real life experience to write into my heroine Olivia’s experience in taming her own feral kitten. Funny how life works out sometimes, isn’t it? :) Ever After will be out August 25th, 2015!