Who’s reading on New Year’s Eve?

witheverybreathAnyone planning to read on New Year’s Eve? I love reading books that take place during the same holiday or season we’re currently in. Yesterday, I finished Lia Riley‘s newest release, WITH EVERY BREATH, which is a super sexy and fast-paced New Adult romance that takes place over New Year’s. Not only that, it takes place in one of the most remote corners of the world and features a Scottish mountain climber stranded in a tent with the heroine, and oh, it was a fun read! :)

Cara and Matt, the hero and heroine of my first book, UNLEASHED, also meet on New Year’s Eve. I had a lot of fun writing their “cute meet.” You can read the first chapter here.

“Cara Medlen has one rule: Don’t get attached. It’s worked well with the foster dogs she’s rescued and given to good homes. But when she gets involved in a case with her sexy neighbor, Private Investigator Matt Dumont, Cara will learn that some rules are made to be broken…”

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Here’s a little snippet for you. This scene always makes me laugh! Matt lets Cara come along with him on an unofficial stakeout to document a case of animal cruelty, and I don’t know about you guys, but I’d be happy to ride along on a case with sexy Matt anytime…

Unleashed cover_low res“Let’s see what we can see before we start making any noise.” Matt reached into the backseat and pulled out his binoculars. He scanned the backyard, but saw no sign of the dogs.

Cara looked skeptical. “Can you actually see anything through those at night?”

He grinned at her. “Oh, honey, these aren’t the same binoculars you took to the Backstreet Boys concert when you were a teenager. Want a look?”

“I never saw Backstreet Boys, and yes, please.” She held out her left hand, and he passed them to her.

“Be careful with them.”

“Yeah, yeah. Oh!” Her mouth fell open as she looked through the viewfinder and discovered the world lit through night vision.

“You should see all my spy tools; they’re impressive.”

Cara turned and looked at him with one eyebrow raised. “Your spy tools, huh?”

“That’s what I said, isn’t it?”

“Mm-hmm.” Her eyes strayed briefly to his lap, then back to his face.

Matt felt her gaze in the sudden pressure against his fly. “So did you see them?”

“See what?” She glanced at his crotch again.

“You may look sweet and innocent, Cara Medlen, but your mind is in the gutter. The dogs. Did you see the dogs?”

Even in the near darkness, he saw her cheeks flush pink. “No, I didn’t see them.”