Unleashed Sneak Peek & a Giveaway!

Hi everyone! How would you like to read a teaser from Unleashed? How about the entire first chapter? Well, here you go! And if the first chapter isn’t enough, I have one advanced copy of Unleashed to giveaway, so make sure you enter below…

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Chapter 1

Cara Medlen felt the growl before she heard it, rumbling against her leg from the dog tensed at her side. She jiggled the leash to break his concentration. “Easy, Casper. You may not realize it yet, but today’s your lucky day.”

He looked up at her with dull eyes, one brown, one blue. A jagged scar creased his face. Ribs and hip bones jutted through his mangy white coat. And, oh boy, did he stink. Cara had yet to meet an ugly boxer, but Casper . . . well, he had the sort of face that made people cross to the other side of the street.

That same face grabbed at a tender spot in her heart.

“It’s a blessing that Triangle Boxer Rescue can take him,” the woman behind the desk, a volunteer named Helen, said. “Shelter life hasn’t been good for him.”

Cara nodded as she handed the signed paperwork to Helen. “I’ve worked with a lot of dogs like Casper. I’m sure we’ll have him ready for adoption in no time.”

But the warning she’d received from her homeowners’ association over the summer weighed heavily on her mind: Keep her foster dogs in line or face disciplinary action by the board.

The door to the kennels opened, allowing raucous barking to spill into the lobby. Casper peered around her and fixed his gaze on the man who’d come through the door. His ears flattened, and the hair raised along his spine.

Yep, this dog was trouble all right.

Click here to read the rest of Chapter 1. I hope you enjoy it!

Now for the fun part. I have one advanced copy of Unleashed to giveaway. Want it? Enter below! Good luck!!! :)

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  1. Lisa Urbanski says:

    I would love a copy! Can’t wait to read it whether I win it or I buy it!

  2. Aww, thanks so much Lisa – yay! :)

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